by Kate D’Adamo, partner, Reframe Health and Justice

One of the biggest questions before Congress and the administration in 2021 is going to be the regulation of digital platforms and websites. Centered in this conversation will be section 230 of the Communications and Decency Act. 230 says that internet platforms…

Pictured: Police Tape; Image was used in a report on trafficking from Seattle

by Kate D’Adamo

Despite a transformative moment which Angela Davis described as holding “possibilities for change we have never before experienced,” the anti-trafficking community has been largely silent on the blossoming conversation on police brutality and its entrenchment in anti-Blackness.(1) While some organizations have put out blanket statements about Black…

by Justice Rivera

Post legalizing marijuana, it is easy for liberal voters to think that we are moving towards more just criminal legal practices and recognition of bodily autonomy. Legalizing marijuana came with promises of cutting police presence in communities of color and the budgets of prosecutors. However, the pursuit…

Reframe Health and Justice

A collective of individuals dedicated to reframing the sociopolitical paradigms through which we understand race, gender, health, and justice.

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